Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Peace of Mind

      I am sitting on my balcony. Around me are flowers, juice, coffee and stupid self phone.. Of course all my inspiration fly away with one SMS or phone call. Usually when I got inspiration someone interrupt me. For sure telepathy exist. If I thought of someone a bit longer instantly that person ring on the door bell or mobile.
      I don't like self phones for many reasons. First of all seems how somebody feel others good mood and they used your energy. I like to help if it is possible but from time to time I like to be alone in peace of mind.
      In my last post I wrote that if day turn to be my lucky one I should write... That day everything went smoothly and without any stress. My feelings was correct again. I like such a days when I am fully satisfy .


  Autumn colours are very rich and i like to snap some photos . We still have a lot of sun every day. Dear        readers keep smile on the face !

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Lucky Day

One decorative outside door near my house.

    Today I woke up with some strange feelings-good one. Sun is on the blue sky . For me enough to run around with smile on my face and with more energy. I was born here surounded by sea, big blue water, beautiful in every condition, I look very often up at sky. I get used to nice weather as well as most of people who live there where    even in the  winter time is never too much cold.When we have two or three days cloudy or windy everybody started any conversation with complaining about weather.Me too!

     But today my feelings" whispered" in my ear that this day must be my Lucky Day ! The sun is on the sky , sea is calm , turquoise blue and sky is also blue , but different , if you can imagine what I am writing about.Anyhow luck is very large definition.  For somebody running for money daily become life run. When I met such a person with worry face , usually he or she told me of too many problems what he care about. My own problems seems as disappears immediately I felt lucky one !

      Always I remember one my good friend words : don't run for money , just open wide your hands and meet with money ! Nice isn' it ? Next time I will write if this day turn in Lucky one or not very lucky.I feel fine in any case ! Believe or not but we still can swim in the sea. I' ll snap some photos this days and you' ll see...I wish you all lucky day as well as myself .

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Heaven For Tourists CROATIA' S Coast

Croatia is small country in Europe. This is Meditarian country with very nice weather. Our sea is crystal blue
and clean. We have more than 1200 islands .

Everybody can find part of heaven to swim somewhere alone
or with other people on the beach. For me is best to explore coast as I usually do. Anyhow I must to say that Adriatic coast is very cheap for tourists.

Every village here is interesting , old and with their own food specialties . Our rivers have clean and healty water for drink . This is piece of heaven.


                                              This is original Egiptian Sfing

You can see alone how clean is the sea in my town at Adriatic coast. I snapped picture of my dog swimming
a few weeks ago. Here in my country one can find peace of mind... Come and you'll see...Trust me. I haven't
any interest if you come or not. Be my guest if you like and I'll show you all beauty of this part of heaven.


Saturday, June 9, 2012

Fast Changeover Weather At Adriatic Sea

Last time weather change several time in the few hours. It was same one week ago. From nice sunny day to windy and rainy... I snapped photos and short video too. Before was not like this , especially not here at Adriatic sea , where I live.But now weather keep changing from hour to hour .
All my life I live very close to sea. I watch my sea every day and night and I like every condition of blue Adriatic sea. That day as you can see even air was interesting blue. 


Only half hour ago was sunny , the sky was without any clouds ! Suddenly everything become darker and windy. The rain started...


Today already weather change as other day , more than four time by now. Strange . Before I knew
from only one glance to the sky what to wear that day. Definitely everything is different than usually.



Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Extraordinary Dog

    Extraordinary dog is my family dog. She have almost six years now. We enjoy with her every      
 single day. I hope she will have puppy this summer. One puppy I' ll keep for us and for other I must carefully choose their new home. This dogs keep eyes on you unchangingly. They make you feel saf in any situation. I am so happy with such equable dog that I have not word to explain it properly

  because they are ideal. I had several different dogs during my life , but this one I like to have forever. Anyhow I like dogs and other animals as well. Of course that I loved all my previous
 dogs as much as I love this one. For sure this one is the best trust me!


            My dog love humans , animals , birds etc. but for her family she will died this very moment .                                

Thursday, May 10, 2012

                       Art is around us. Only you must see. Look this tree ! In this part of year when nature awake up
one can see beauty everywhere .  I am able to find something nice wherever I look. Don' t alowe your daily

problems to make you pass by and not even see how nice nature is. Spring time must make you feel happy

deep inside your soul.  

           There are so many beautiful pictures around us ... We used to walk with our thoughts as a blind .

Some people watch their own feet walking , not left , not right , only their hads are down and face is down

as well. We all have bad days but very next moment everything can turn upside down and that's it !


            Life is nice. If we hope that tomorrow will be better than today ,  it will be . Must be .


Sunday, March 11, 2012

My Next Travel

       This days my heart is full of happiness. Spring is already here , and i am ready to travel before summer come. All my soul is beating somehow special because one more my dream will come truth. This time I will
travel slowly, very slowly and stay in the place I like.That kind of freedom is my preference. Nice isn't it ?

     So, I 'll carry only laptop and something to dress up. Nothing much because I want to be as free as  possible. And I like to travel by plane to rich destination I want . After that is easy to move slowly and enjoy in every single moment.

      My country is beautiful and many tourists come here, but there are so many beauty which I like to see. According my mind one must meet other people culture to understand better our world.Of course that money is important detail, but if you are younger,  your travel can be much cheaper than for older who need some kind of comfort as they are used to (like me !?!).

Sunday, February 19, 2012

I Fall Dawn At Snowing Miracle In My Town

  I live at Adriatic coast where snowing is almost rare as in Sahara desert. In my entire life I never seen as much snow as it was this time. Miracle happen , really. My town was white more than one day ! No buses , no cars , only
people and children move around with smiles on their faces. The sea was somehow special or better to say strange blue colour. It was nice to watch white wherever you look . Only problem was that we are not used to walk at snow and many people brake their arms or legs from falling down . As soon as I could
   I was outside with my dog walking and playing . For my dog this was  first snow in her life and she enjoy as all of us.When we back home I find out that I must go in the shop nearby to buy some food. In the mean time I was listened our radio station .  Radio-reporter asked one woman how she feel because of snowing and she replied that she already  
fall down three times. Her answer make me laugh cause of the way she told that. Few minutes after I was on my way to shop. I fall down twice before I entered in the shop and one more time after shoping...Nothing bad happen! I just make my coat a bit wet. After that I carefully walked because ice stay at street much longer than miracle of snow in my town . I kept thinking why I fall down exactly three time as women which make me laugh .
My son told me that it was because I laugh  it's happen to me. Believe me I agree ! Even I laugh ,  as I write ,  only cause of the way she answered in our specific dialect , not with bad mind at all .

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Today On My Mind

           It was little longer that I wrote , but I was occupied with so many things ... I haven't time . I am sure we all have days which run away faster than we expected . From time to time I have that kind of problem . Time run , my problems come in waves and every day there are more .... Not easy to come out of it .
          When somebody give us story how money is not important in life than only one thing can be . He or she never got in financial problems . Turkish people used to say : No money no honey . I agree with them . First of all when your pocket is empty than from every shop where you pass by come to your nose nice aroma and you become hungry or thirsty... But no money . Walking away you see new number of your favorite magazines and almost ask seller for it . But no money. Than something else come in front of your eyes and your thoughts become so black that everybody can read it from your face . And it's not easy to save optimism high . You can hear own thoughts screaming in head : No money, no money ... !
          I always used to say : Tomorrow is new day . Even if I feel horrible . And thanks to Act of God somehow bad time come to end . Problems are still there and one must solve one by one . My country have war some years ago , than recession come and stay some years and still lasts . I think that life become very hard and some people live very difficult . Anyhow I hope  better time will come . We 'll see .
         Tomorrow we must choose to be part of European Union or not . If we will live better nice , but who know it ? World must be beautiful place for all of us here I think .