Friday, July 15, 2011

Split My Beautiful 1700 Years Old Town


I was truly surprised with some happenings in my town. Split ( or Spalato ) is my born place.  Here ,  my children were grown too. By the way my granddad and granny rest in peace in our cemetery... This is one very interesting place . On this picture above is Peristil , heart of Emperor Diocletian Palace and according to me , it is Center of my beautiful 1700 years old town  ,Split . This picture was snapped early in the morning probably at winter time because in this part of year there are many tourists walk up and down around Peristil. At night time many people sit all over this stone stairs drinking and listening same singer...This is heart and soul too of my town.         
               Look how this Palace look like almost 2000 years ago. Peristil is in the middle of Diocletian Palace.        
     There are Diocletian' s cellars .I suppose that Emperor were adrift around his Palace.

             We all love our town very much but last several years some other people become city dwellers . They grew up somewhere else and this our beloved town they can' t love on the same way as we are. One may see so plenty changes in the soul of my town that it is painful for us.  
      I am busy for now . I'll continue this story soon !