Friday, July 15, 2011

Split My Beautiful 1700 Years Old Town


I was truly surprised with some happenings in my town. Split ( or Spalato ) is my born place.  Here ,  my children were grown too. By the way my granddad and granny rest in peace in our cemetery... This is one very interesting place . On this picture above is Peristil , heart of Emperor Diocletian Palace and according to me , it is Center of my beautiful 1700 years old town  ,Split . This picture was snapped early in the morning probably at winter time because in this part of year there are many tourists walk up and down around Peristil. At night time many people sit all over this stone stairs drinking and listening same singer...This is heart and soul too of my town.         
               Look how this Palace look like almost 2000 years ago. Peristil is in the middle of Diocletian Palace.        
     There are Diocletian' s cellars .I suppose that Emperor were adrift around his Palace.

             We all love our town very much but last several years some other people become city dwellers . They grew up somewhere else and this our beloved town they can' t love on the same way as we are. One may see so plenty changes in the soul of my town that it is painful for us.  
      I am busy for now . I'll continue this story soon !

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My Mind

     As you probably know I live at Adriatic coast. From my home I am able to see this very blue beloved sea. Of cause that I usually walk with my dog near the sea and my dog like to swim during all year. Yesterday was the same at night time. Nobody around us and I felt somehow strange because on that day many years ago I become Mom first time.So I was sitting and watching dark sea ...
     I remember many things but how fast all that years pass by I can't imagine ! Seems to me that time run away every day faster than the day before , and one day we see our face in the mirror with some new wrinkles , which was not there yesterday. My son have birthday as a man , not as a boy any more . All what we have left from ten, twenty or more years are our pictures and memories .
    Every day is different . It is not possible to remember everything . One time when I was in the train for several hours,  I tried to remember years ago and I find out that I can write three , or even more , very tick books from some parts of my life . Maybe one day I will .If I will have time for it !


    Life is life. Someone have extraordinary life and as we know life make stories . I have very original , special stories from my own experience . Only little problem is that I like to keep it for myself for now . I am going to walk outside with my dog and after I'll see what to do. Long ago I stopped to make plans because my life always go on some other way from plan which I made that time .


Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Ray Of Light

       It was a little longer that I write blog. Simple I was busy with my Paintings... Sometimes I think that time run faster than I am able to follow it .  There are so many to do every day ! 
    I am sorry for all of you who drop on my site by the way and of course I am very sorry because of my dearest followers . Anyhow I am here again and I think that something interesting will come on my mind. First of all I have to write how I just come out of long, long tunnel and I see now one ray of light. I am sure that everybody have good time as well as bad time and whatever you do to avoid dark days it is not possible . Thanks to Universe for this kind of balance.
    When I see first ray of light I know that soon I'll see much more light around me and I am ready for next better days. In my nature is to never give up even if I know that I would be hurt.. Also I always keep hope that tomorrow will be better! Again I must be grateful to Universe for ray of light at the end of my hard days .
    I wish that everybody have enough money for live peacefully , capability to see try of light when life turn to be worst than usually  and smile on face any time . Let me stop here for now I have other things to do... May all of you included me see ray of light as soon as possible.