Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My Mind

     As you probably know I live at Adriatic coast. From my home I am able to see this very blue beloved sea. Of cause that I usually walk with my dog near the sea and my dog like to swim during all year. Yesterday was the same at night time. Nobody around us and I felt somehow strange because on that day many years ago I become Mom first time.So I was sitting and watching dark sea ...
     I remember many things but how fast all that years pass by I can't imagine ! Seems to me that time run away every day faster than the day before , and one day we see our face in the mirror with some new wrinkles , which was not there yesterday. My son have birthday as a man , not as a boy any more . All what we have left from ten, twenty or more years are our pictures and memories .
    Every day is different . It is not possible to remember everything . One time when I was in the train for several hours,  I tried to remember years ago and I find out that I can write three , or even more , very tick books from some parts of my life . Maybe one day I will .If I will have time for it !


    Life is life. Someone have extraordinary life and as we know life make stories . I have very original , special stories from my own experience . Only little problem is that I like to keep it for myself for now . I am going to walk outside with my dog and after I'll see what to do. Long ago I stopped to make plans because my life always go on some other way from plan which I made that time .


Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Ray Of Light

       It was a little longer that I write blog. Simple I was busy with my Paintings... Sometimes I think that time run faster than I am able to follow it .  There are so many to do every day ! 
    I am sorry for all of you who drop on my site by the way and of course I am very sorry because of my dearest followers . Anyhow I am here again and I think that something interesting will come on my mind. First of all I have to write how I just come out of long, long tunnel and I see now one ray of light. I am sure that everybody have good time as well as bad time and whatever you do to avoid dark days it is not possible . Thanks to Universe for this kind of balance.
    When I see first ray of light I know that soon I'll see much more light around me and I am ready for next better days. In my nature is to never give up even if I know that I would be hurt.. Also I always keep hope that tomorrow will be better! Again I must be grateful to Universe for ray of light at the end of my hard days .
    I wish that everybody have enough money for live peacefully , capability to see try of light when life turn to be worst than usually  and smile on face any time . Let me stop here for now I have other things to do... May all of you included me see ray of light as soon as possible.