Sunday, March 11, 2012

My Next Travel

       This days my heart is full of happiness. Spring is already here , and i am ready to travel before summer come. All my soul is beating somehow special because one more my dream will come truth. This time I will
travel slowly, very slowly and stay in the place I like.That kind of freedom is my preference. Nice isn't it ?

     So, I 'll carry only laptop and something to dress up. Nothing much because I want to be as free as  possible. And I like to travel by plane to rich destination I want . After that is easy to move slowly and enjoy in every single moment.

      My country is beautiful and many tourists come here, but there are so many beauty which I like to see. According my mind one must meet other people culture to understand better our world.Of course that money is important detail, but if you are younger,  your travel can be much cheaper than for older who need some kind of comfort as they are used to (like me !?!).