Sunday, February 19, 2012

I Fall Dawn At Snowing Miracle In My Town

  I live at Adriatic coast where snowing is almost rare as in Sahara desert. In my entire life I never seen as much snow as it was this time. Miracle happen , really. My town was white more than one day ! No buses , no cars , only
people and children move around with smiles on their faces. The sea was somehow special or better to say strange blue colour. It was nice to watch white wherever you look . Only problem was that we are not used to walk at snow and many people brake their arms or legs from falling down . As soon as I could
   I was outside with my dog walking and playing . For my dog this was  first snow in her life and she enjoy as all of us.When we back home I find out that I must go in the shop nearby to buy some food. In the mean time I was listened our radio station .  Radio-reporter asked one woman how she feel because of snowing and she replied that she already  
fall down three times. Her answer make me laugh cause of the way she told that. Few minutes after I was on my way to shop. I fall down twice before I entered in the shop and one more time after shoping...Nothing bad happen! I just make my coat a bit wet. After that I carefully walked because ice stay at street much longer than miracle of snow in my town . I kept thinking why I fall down exactly three time as women which make me laugh .
My son told me that it was because I laugh  it's happen to me. Believe me I agree ! Even I laugh ,  as I write ,  only cause of the way she answered in our specific dialect , not with bad mind at all .