Saturday, September 22, 2012

Lucky Day

One decorative outside door near my house.

    Today I woke up with some strange feelings-good one. Sun is on the blue sky . For me enough to run around with smile on my face and with more energy. I was born here surounded by sea, big blue water, beautiful in every condition, I look very often up at sky. I get used to nice weather as well as most of people who live there where    even in the  winter time is never too much cold.When we have two or three days cloudy or windy everybody started any conversation with complaining about weather.Me too!

     But today my feelings" whispered" in my ear that this day must be my Lucky Day ! The sun is on the sky , sea is calm , turquoise blue and sky is also blue , but different , if you can imagine what I am writing about.Anyhow luck is very large definition.  For somebody running for money daily become life run. When I met such a person with worry face , usually he or she told me of too many problems what he care about. My own problems seems as disappears immediately I felt lucky one !

      Always I remember one my good friend words : don't run for money , just open wide your hands and meet with money ! Nice isn' it ? Next time I will write if this day turn in Lucky one or not very lucky.I feel fine in any case ! Believe or not but we still can swim in the sea. I' ll snap some photos this days and you' ll see...I wish you all lucky day as well as myself .

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