Tuesday, January 26, 2010

How To Submit Sitemap To Search Engines


Belief in Anything and Everything

This days everybody ask for their future  . At TV are several shows where people call and listen answers. Most of them spent money for it ( what is very expensive) and they want to know about financial problems or better to said not money at all.Of course answers are that money will be for a few months , but if they want to hear more they must to call again . This kind of shows are always during night time or early in the morning . Why? I think it is strategy , because who have serious problems can't sleep properly . So somebody make money on others without money . Also people ask for health , love , lucky numbers , divorce , marriage ,children and more ... What's happen with this world ? Seems to me like huge number of humans are naive ,or unhappy !? We have no time for each others . Passing by everybody look serious and in hurry . Life is short and world can be much better place with just small effort from us .