Saturday, June 9, 2012

Fast Changeover Weather At Adriatic Sea

Last time weather change several time in the few hours. It was same one week ago. From nice sunny day to windy and rainy... I snapped photos and short video too. Before was not like this , especially not here at Adriatic sea , where I live.But now weather keep changing from hour to hour .
All my life I live very close to sea. I watch my sea every day and night and I like every condition of blue Adriatic sea. That day as you can see even air was interesting blue. 


Only half hour ago was sunny , the sky was without any clouds ! Suddenly everything become darker and windy. The rain started...


Today already weather change as other day , more than four time by now. Strange . Before I knew
from only one glance to the sky what to wear that day. Definitely everything is different than usually.