Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Peace of Mind

      I am sitting on my balcony. Around me are flowers, juice, coffee and stupid self phone.. Of course all my inspiration fly away with one SMS or phone call. Usually when I got inspiration someone interrupt me. For sure telepathy exist. If I thought of someone a bit longer instantly that person ring on the door bell or mobile.
      I don't like self phones for many reasons. First of all seems how somebody feel others good mood and they used your energy. I like to help if it is possible but from time to time I like to be alone in peace of mind.
      In my last post I wrote that if day turn to be my lucky one I should write... That day everything went smoothly and without any stress. My feelings was correct again. I like such a days when I am fully satisfy .


  Autumn colours are very rich and i like to snap some photos . We still have a lot of sun every day. Dear        readers keep smile on the face !