Tuesday, September 17, 2013

In Memoriam To Our Bellowed Dog

    Today is exactly two months and five days from that very sad day , when she passed away . Our bellowed Zipa! We'll never forget her. Simply impossible to forget her love, her face, smart eyes... She was part of our family seven years.
    We was very happy when she become pregnant with handsome male. Everything was as usually during her pregnant time. Then delivery started .Last one puppy come out after five days. I was afraid for her life, but she survive. First puppy was big and look healthy . Next one which she deliver two days , after lived nine days. All others was gone inside her. Tragedy.
     Very fast our bellowed dog was as good as before. But seven months later she has operation on uterus and lived two more days. It was very painful .
      Than something nice happen. Friend of me called on phone and I went to visit him and puppy from our bellowed dog. But there was another one poppy waiting for me. It was love on first glaze. This small dog help us to smile again.
      Our Zipa will live in our hearts forever !!!