Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Extraordinary Dog

    Extraordinary dog is my family dog. She have almost six years now. We enjoy with her every      
 single day. I hope she will have puppy this summer. One puppy I' ll keep for us and for other I must carefully choose their new home. This dogs keep eyes on you unchangingly. They make you feel saf in any situation. I am so happy with such equable dog that I have not word to explain it properly

  because they are ideal. I had several different dogs during my life , but this one I like to have forever. Anyhow I like dogs and other animals as well. Of course that I loved all my previous
 dogs as much as I love this one. For sure this one is the best trust me!


            My dog love humans , animals , birds etc. but for her family she will died this very moment .                                

Thursday, May 10, 2012

                       Art is around us. Only you must see. Look this tree ! In this part of year when nature awake up
one can see beauty everywhere .  I am able to find something nice wherever I look. Don' t alowe your daily

problems to make you pass by and not even see how nice nature is. Spring time must make you feel happy

deep inside your soul.  

           There are so many beautiful pictures around us ... We used to walk with our thoughts as a blind .

Some people watch their own feet walking , not left , not right , only their hads are down and face is down

as well. We all have bad days but very next moment everything can turn upside down and that's it !


            Life is nice. If we hope that tomorrow will be better than today ,  it will be . Must be .