Thursday, December 11, 2014


I live at Adriatic sea and I love sea all my life. Nothing to compare with that kind of love. Every day sea is different. Sometimes is clear smiley blue , other time serious dark or sadly grey , My sea give to me peace of mind . If I feel upset sea used to help me feel better. It's kind of magic.

Watching sea I know which wind is blowing 

Beautiful Adriatic Sea 

There are more than thousand islands   

This one island have heart shape 

Sunday, October 26, 2014


This time of year is not my favorite. I'm not sure how other people like , but for me is very important sunshine.  Happily I live at Adriatic coast where are plenty sunny days. The sun give me life energy, even when everything went wrong . I can't imagine how would look like to live somewhere in cold and rainy area. For me impossible !


This sunset I snap from my balcony. Like everywhere last year was with much more rain and gray, but anyway in my area was still enough sunny days. Some days started with heavy clouds, and slowly turn to blue sky with nice sunset. This make me happy and I become ready to fight life problems. Trust me , sunshine give me extraordinary energy. 


Sky was dark but turn blue like in this photo above. I was sad with many problems and how weather changes my sadness gone and my problems disappear. Definitely sun is my life energy!

Every day I am outside walking with my dog, mostly near sea and we enjoy every minute there.  

Saturday, January 25, 2014

My New Dog Bonzo

    When we lost our bellowed pet , house was somehow quite and empty . Day by day was passing ... We felt sad. Then one small white angel come in our home. With him come smile on our faces.

He was so skinny and very funny. The way he was sleeping as small is still funny. Now he is eight months old and he is growing very fast. I hope Bonzo will be as good dog as our late Zipa was . Anyhow he bring happiness in our home and reason to walk outside several times daily . Like every dog he like to run , jump , dig and walk. Because of him I walk more what is healthy . I love him from very first moment when I sow him and he love me too as well as every one member of our family and friends too.

Dry Shit On The Street


         Evarybody have bad and good time. It seems as bad time is always much longer than good one. I know how I feel about it.
     First of all I must be honest with myself and look back two or three year. Before that time I hardly run out of money for one single day. Not only me . Most of my friends ! Than somehow become strange situation ...
From our goverment we heard that so called recession come . I thought that it come and will go. How wrong I was ! First year I was still optimistic ." Must be better"- I used to say. Than I try to organize somehow different but bad time come and stay. I can see every day more and more people begging for help. Nothing is worst than empty pockets ! Trust me I feel good with money in the pocket . Before this situation I never think of it.
      Some days ago come on my mind that without money one can feel as dry shit on the street. Worst of all is that completely world have problem . There are some over rich people but much, much more are very poor. What's wrong ? Rich ones used to say how money is not importante because they never felt as dry shit on the street.


     I know the fact of my feelings with ful or with empty pockets. Not same at all . Who try it out know very well what I am writing about. So many people are witout any job but they must eat and drink , we all need shoes and clothes , we must pay our bills...How to live if we can't see better tomorrow ?
     We must hope that something will change


Tuesday, September 17, 2013

In Memoriam To Our Bellowed Dog

    Today is exactly two months and five days from that very sad day , when she passed away . Our bellowed Zipa! We'll never forget her. Simply impossible to forget her love, her face, smart eyes... She was part of our family seven years.
    We was very happy when she become pregnant with handsome male. Everything was as usually during her pregnant time. Then delivery started .Last one puppy come out after five days. I was afraid for her life, but she survive. First puppy was big and look healthy . Next one which she deliver two days , after lived nine days. All others was gone inside her. Tragedy.
     Very fast our bellowed dog was as good as before. But seven months later she has operation on uterus and lived two more days. It was very painful .
      Than something nice happen. Friend of me called on phone and I went to visit him and puppy from our bellowed dog. But there was another one poppy waiting for me. It was love on first glaze. This small dog help us to smile again.
      Our Zipa will live in our hearts forever !!!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Peace of Mind

      I am sitting on my balcony. Around me are flowers, juice, coffee and stupid self phone.. Of course all my inspiration fly away with one SMS or phone call. Usually when I got inspiration someone interrupt me. For sure telepathy exist. If I thought of someone a bit longer instantly that person ring on the door bell or mobile.
      I don't like self phones for many reasons. First of all seems how somebody feel others good mood and they used your energy. I like to help if it is possible but from time to time I like to be alone in peace of mind.
      In my last post I wrote that if day turn to be my lucky one I should write... That day everything went smoothly and without any stress. My feelings was correct again. I like such a days when I am fully satisfy .


  Autumn colours are very rich and i like to snap some photos . We still have a lot of sun every day. Dear        readers keep smile on the face !

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Lucky Day

One decorative outside door near my house.

    Today I woke up with some strange feelings-good one. Sun is on the blue sky . For me enough to run around with smile on my face and with more energy. I was born here surounded by sea, big blue water, beautiful in every condition, I look very often up at sky. I get used to nice weather as well as most of people who live there where    even in the  winter time is never too much cold.When we have two or three days cloudy or windy everybody started any conversation with complaining about weather.Me too!

     But today my feelings" whispered" in my ear that this day must be my Lucky Day ! The sun is on the sky , sea is calm , turquoise blue and sky is also blue , but different , if you can imagine what I am writing about.Anyhow luck is very large definition.  For somebody running for money daily become life run. When I met such a person with worry face , usually he or she told me of too many problems what he care about. My own problems seems as disappears immediately I felt lucky one !

      Always I remember one my good friend words : don't run for money , just open wide your hands and meet with money ! Nice isn' it ? Next time I will write if this day turn in Lucky one or not very lucky.I feel fine in any case ! Believe or not but we still can swim in the sea. I' ll snap some photos this days and you' ll see...I wish you all lucky day as well as myself .