Saturday, January 21, 2012

Today On My Mind

           It was little longer that I wrote , but I was occupied with so many things ... I haven't time . I am sure we all have days which run away faster than we expected . From time to time I have that kind of problem . Time run , my problems come in waves and every day there are more .... Not easy to come out of it .
          When somebody give us story how money is not important in life than only one thing can be . He or she never got in financial problems . Turkish people used to say : No money no honey . I agree with them . First of all when your pocket is empty than from every shop where you pass by come to your nose nice aroma and you become hungry or thirsty... But no money . Walking away you see new number of your favorite magazines and almost ask seller for it . But no money. Than something else come in front of your eyes and your thoughts become so black that everybody can read it from your face . And it's not easy to save optimism high . You can hear own thoughts screaming in head : No money, no money ... !
          I always used to say : Tomorrow is new day . Even if I feel horrible . And thanks to Act of God somehow bad time come to end . Problems are still there and one must solve one by one . My country have war some years ago , than recession come and stay some years and still lasts . I think that life become very hard and some people live very difficult . Anyhow I hope  better time will come . We 'll see .
         Tomorrow we must choose to be part of European Union or not . If we will live better nice , but who know it ? World must be beautiful place for all of us here I think .