Sunday, July 1, 2012

Heaven For Tourists CROATIA' S Coast

Croatia is small country in Europe. This is Meditarian country with very nice weather. Our sea is crystal blue
and clean. We have more than 1200 islands .

Everybody can find part of heaven to swim somewhere alone
or with other people on the beach. For me is best to explore coast as I usually do. Anyhow I must to say that Adriatic coast is very cheap for tourists.

Every village here is interesting , old and with their own food specialties . Our rivers have clean and healty water for drink . This is piece of heaven.


                                              This is original Egiptian Sfing

You can see alone how clean is the sea in my town at Adriatic coast. I snapped picture of my dog swimming
a few weeks ago. Here in my country one can find peace of mind... Come and you'll see...Trust me. I haven't
any interest if you come or not. Be my guest if you like and I'll show you all beauty of this part of heaven.