Monday, April 19, 2010

Optical Illusions

       From my childhood I was able to see some faces , flowers or so ,  in the stains on the wall ,  or in the cloud on the sky .... That time I was sure that everybody could see it . I was wrong .
     This days searching and surfing I find some pages with optical Illusions and I was delighted with it . I decided
to show you some of it . Take look !
                    This one show you old man face but also two lovers ! Can you see it ? Not easy isn't it ?
                    Look how you can make your garage door different from others and very original .          

Sunday, April 18, 2010

ISTANBUL - More About This Nice Town

   Istanbul  have about  fifteen milions people . From my first visit till now town change , become bigger and different in many ways. For example I visited long ago some villages very far away from center of Istanbul . Now there are part of town .
   One part of town is in Europe but when you cross new bridge than you are in Asia . I'll show you how that bridge look . Modern like somewhere else in the world . In the Istanbul there are plenty of different kind of boats which you can use to cross the sea . From small ones to big , slow or fast , old and new.... Not need to wait on the bank because every few minutes boats are full of people and ready to cross the sea . By the way sea is nice blue color during all year.
   One can even rent small boat and oar slowly around sea . It's very cheap , and nice to look at town on that way. You can swim too if you like.
   There are many , many , hotels in the Istanbul . You can't imagine how many before you see it with your own eyes . From cheap to very expensive ! One more thing is extremely strange there. In every street there are plenty of drug store shops . Every second shop is pharmacy ! I was there several times , from one month to year but I never find out why something is like this or like that . At least I take things as normal for Istanbul.
   In the middle of the town there are Zoo . I was there many times . You can go in from part of town called " Sultan Ahmed " and go out from there at opposite side just near the sea . For me was interesting to see three

quite big pigs there in the Zoo . I love Istanbul and I hope I'll visit this town again . If you like to travel go there but keep on mind that you need time to see all beauty of this huge city. There one can have fun , eat , drink , swim , shopping... Below on pictures is so called " Kapaly Carsy " where one can buy from pepper to souvenir , golden things or jacket , and of course sit there to eat , drink and rest a little because this place is also very , very large .

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


           Istanbul is very big , old and nice city. With this photo ( above ) I want to show you how it look like , where the Black Sea kiss the Aegean Sea . This town with name Costantinople was the largest and richest urban center in the Eastern  Mediterranean during the late Roman Empire . It was good strategic position commanding the trade routes between the Black and the Aegean Sea.
     There are so many mosques with tall and slim minarets near. From minarets you can hear the call for prayer five times daily. Our second day in Istanbul we was in one shop for souvenirs when was time for praying and nobody care for us. Owner of shop prayed. We look each other and move around for while and went out.Every day or better to say that all the time we were surprised with something.
    In Istanbul you can see many churches and monasteries too. There are Obelisk of Theodosius And Walled Obelisk.Constantinople (Istanbul) was under the Byzantine emperor Theodosius II . Many Column are there :
Column of Marcian, Column of Constantine and Column of Justinian . Nice to see is great Palace of Constantinople.
   In the middle of one street there is huge tree , that divides the two-way traffic. It's very interesting and I am sure more than eight people holding their hands hardly would make circle around it .
   Before I wrote that two seas meet in the Bosporus  Channel . One bridge  named Galata Saray is unique. It's two- deck bridge: very dense traffic of ca rs , taxis , buses ,small buses , old big America' s cars called Dolmush , motorcyclists ... and too many peoples walking on the both sides , but also upstairs and downstairs.
When you go downstairs and see fisherman who just catch fish ,other man baked that fish and next one make
fish sandwiches which you can eat it walking or sit there and eat it from plate. I must tell you that it is very tasty. Next time I will write more about interesting things there and beautiful blue sea in Istanbul ! To be continue....

Friday, April 2, 2010

Turkey - My First Encounter With Different Cultures

   It was many years ago. I was very young, good girl, very good pupil, raise up with my Mom, Dad and older brother in much different culture. In my mind was some pictures about that country mostly theoretical from the books , film or television . Of course picture from your mind always is quite different than you find out when you reach destination . Some places was nicer than I expected ,some disappointed me . That time first day I was surprised and disappointed in the same time . My fiance and me decided to go there as our kind of honeymoon.
  From our country we travel by train ,what was long way. But we were young and after checking up in near by hotel we went out to move around and eat something. That streets was full of cars and people too. Every seller was shouting very loud ,several of them in the same time, cars drivers lay down on car siren , from minaret we heard call for prayer.... It was too loudly everywhere around us ! Simple we were shocking . A few days later we get used on it. Next morning I went in the small shop full of different articles to buy some cheese ,olives, bread etc. for breakfast. The salesman cut off cheese and put it in one piece of newspaper , than he make one tube from another piece of newspaper and put inside olives. I tried to ask him some white paper or plastic bag ,he look at me in great surprise as I fall down from planet Mars.  To be continue...