Saturday, January 25, 2014

My New Dog Bonzo

    When we lost our bellowed pet , house was somehow quite and empty . Day by day was passing ... We felt sad. Then one small white angel come in our home. With him come smile on our faces.

He was so skinny and very funny. The way he was sleeping as small is still funny. Now he is eight months old and he is growing very fast. I hope Bonzo will be as good dog as our late Zipa was . Anyhow he bring happiness in our home and reason to walk outside several times daily . Like every dog he like to run , jump , dig and walk. Because of him I walk more what is healthy . I love him from very first moment when I sow him and he love me too as well as every one member of our family and friends too.

Dry Shit On The Street


         Evarybody have bad and good time. It seems as bad time is always much longer than good one. I know how I feel about it.
     First of all I must be honest with myself and look back two or three year. Before that time I hardly run out of money for one single day. Not only me . Most of my friends ! Than somehow become strange situation ...
From our goverment we heard that so called recession come . I thought that it come and will go. How wrong I was ! First year I was still optimistic ." Must be better"- I used to say. Than I try to organize somehow different but bad time come and stay. I can see every day more and more people begging for help. Nothing is worst than empty pockets ! Trust me I feel good with money in the pocket . Before this situation I never think of it.
      Some days ago come on my mind that without money one can feel as dry shit on the street. Worst of all is that completely world have problem . There are some over rich people but much, much more are very poor. What's wrong ? Rich ones used to say how money is not importante because they never felt as dry shit on the street.


     I know the fact of my feelings with ful or with empty pockets. Not same at all . Who try it out know very well what I am writing about. So many people are witout any job but they must eat and drink , we all need shoes and clothes , we must pay our bills...How to live if we can't see better tomorrow ?
     We must hope that something will change