Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My Beautiful Small Tree

This is short story about my bonsai tree and other plants which I have in my home and balcony.

My Beautiful Small Tree

This bonsai tree I have about year or little more. It look sad without any leaves on. But it's still live and I hope soon leaves will appear. I like plants and my home is full of different kind of flowers. Every day I spent some times with all my plants and it growing well except this one small tree which is not change long , long , time . Anyway I hope that one day it will surprise me with green leaves.

     I believe that plants live and give to us love back . This my little bonsai tree I like very much . Between other I have many cactus. Even it look like nothing much to do with , it's not like it. Cactus also need water , of course , less than other plants  , but with regular care it's show of with nice flower. I have two very big cactus and more than ten small ones.

    This pictures I snapped just to show you how it look like. This is only part of my plants . I like every one and when I have chance I plant new. It bring me some kind of peace on my mind when I fill it with water or only watch how it look like today. My own small garden meant much for me .

Saturday, May 1, 2010


        Our world have so many beauty. I mean nature is still nice and somewhere not destroyed by people. We humans hurt our planet too much . Many wild flowers from my childhood are disappeared . Some years ago was much more meadows , now there are buildings or parking place . In the towns are less and less green parks , even there , they cut off trees and plant small islands of one season's flowers. Concrete is everywhere .
       People from villages left their own houses and land to gone live in the towns. There , they are not happy , but anyway they keep hope for better life. In the first time for village people are perhaps interesting to be part  of mass in the city.
  For us who live all life in towns , it is very strange. In my country many small villages are empty . Nobody live there anymore . More and more towns are growth and populous .
      In the world we have less wood every day , less clean rivers , we make holes everywhere searching for petrol , seems like nobody care what will be left behind us . Last years many volcanoes woke up , earthquakes happened everywhere , flooding , fire ... maybe it is sign to slow down . How many animals disappeared ? Where birds can make their nests ? Not in cages where we humans like to have them ! I am sure that bird in the cages sing   from deep sadness .

     Seems to me that we only care about money . Only material assets become important . Even we all know that there are things money can't buy . Nature we must save but .... Water we must save too but .... What will be with our world ?