Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday 13

       Today is Friday . Usually I liked Friday during my school period and after that as well. There are several reasons to like when week come to Friday. First of all weekend started and one have time to visit some exhibition , visit theater or go to cinema . At Friday night I used to be awake all night even huge part of following day knowing that I can sleep as long as I wish....
       There are many reasons to like Friday isn't it ? But Friday 13?!? No, no and no ! Let me explain this. I am not superstitious person  or better to say I was not that kind of person till I was sure that Friday 13 is not my lucky day. I wish that day today finish as fast as possible. Anyhow I find out that every Friday 13 something not nice happen to me or my close family. I don't know what today will be because I have to survive eight more hours to end of this Friday 13.

         I am optimistic and I hope this Friday 13 will pass by without any stress for me. In any case I don't like Friday 13.I still remember last one which was several months ago and I will hardly forget it ever !
        Superstition is not good but what can I do when this number follow me as a bad one. It can't be coincidence because  it would be ones or two times but , not so many times number 13 was bad news for me and Friday 13 was worst day for me often .