Thursday, February 25, 2010

Our Planet In The Space

Our Planet Earth seems very big when you  travel somewhere. Between other celestial body our Planet is only one small point. Space is really big, big , endlessly big. I saw some pictures where is our Planet, our Sun, our Moon... I couldn't believe ! How many places are here in our Planet ; oceans, seas  ,rivers ,lakes ,mountains ,deserts ,woods , rain forests... If you imagine how long you need to fly by plane from one continent to another ,than our Planet look really large . For travel all around our Planet Earth ,  even as fast as possible , would take a several weeks . Can you imagine , Uranus and Neptune are much bigger than our Planet , but Jupiter and Saturn are much, much , bigger than Earth. Our Sun is also much bigger than Earth , but for Antares our Sun is only one point . So , in the Space we are nothing ! Our Planet for us is everything surely .We must respect our beautiful Planet and save it.

 On this pictures you can see how small earth is in big, big space ! Incredible!